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Hong Kong's Best Savings Plan – How it Works

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A good savings plan, at a minimum, has the following features: Secure, automated handling of regular monthly contributions Allocation of those contributions to an appropriate balance of stocks and bonds to grow those savings at a rate of 4 – 12% per year, on average Flexibility to withdraw funds or increase contributions at any time […]

Your Financial Life in Hong Kong, Part 4: Saving for Retirement and US College Education from Abroad

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This is part 4 in my 8-part guide to your financial life in Hong Kong. It is mostly intended for foreigners (especially US citizens or green card holders) living in or moving to Hong Kong looking to better understand “the system” and better manage their money both in and outside of Hong Kong.  This one […]

The simplest retirement calculation in the world (that actually works)

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Financial websites contain scores of “retirement calculators” which allow you to input a variety of assumptions and calculate when you may be able to live off your savings without working again, depending on how much you save, how much income you need in retirement, and of course what the rate of return on your investments is. […]

The math behind why I buy term life insurance and almost never buy whole life insurance

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The below calculations are for illustration and discussion purposes only and are not an endorsement of any insurance broker, agent, website, or policy issuer, and nothing here should be taken as any personalised recommendation to buy or not buy any insurance policy.  Please contact us through the form below for an independent second opinion specific […]

How high-earning expats save US$2,000/year through an IRA deduction many US residents can't take

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High-earning US citizens and green card holders living and working in low-tax jurisdictions like Hong Kong or Singapore often send substantial US tax payments back to the US, often annually or quarterly.  While Americans living and working outside the United States can benefit from the foreign earned income exclusion, foreign housing exclusion, and foreign tax […]

Financial Planning Service Package

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GFM Asset Management runs discretionary, separately managed portfolios of stocks, bonds, and currencies for individual clients, as well as providing comprehensive financial planning.  Our specialty is financial planning and portfolio management for families whose financial lives span multiple countries. Our most popular financial planning package includes the following services with an IFPHK CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM Professional: Review of your […]

How Your Financial Advisor Gets Paid: One of the Most Important Questions to Ask

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Early in my Wall Street career (but not in business school nor my pre B-school career, somehow) I learned one of the most important lessons I ever learned in business: if you want to understand why different professionals do what they do and don’t bother doing other things you might want them to do, look […]

The importance of saving early and regularly

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“Save early, save often” can sound so much like a cliche that it fails to motivate us, but it us hard to underestimate how powerful it can be to set up an automated savings plan early and ensure that it is invested appropriately. Many numbers and calculations get thrown around, but given it’s April and […]