S&P 500 Low Volatility Factor 1972-1990

Lower Risk, Higher Returns

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Today’s chart comes from one of the top 10 blog posts of S&P Dow Jones Index’s Indexology blog, showing how the low volatility factor has performed on US stocks over the past 40+ years since 1972. In other words, for the past several decades, the pattern for US stock investors has not been higher risk […]

Turbulence vs damage

Turbulence vs Damage in Stock Investing

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I have no experience piloting airplanes, and admit there have been several times as a passenger that I have been afraid of turbulence. What helps me stay calm in turbulent flights is remembering descriptions I heard from at least one pilot interview on how insignificant most turbulence is compared with how high the plane is […]

Performance of Quality, Value, Momentum, and Low Volatility Strategies vs the S&P 500

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I have been working with “smart beta” strategies since 2006 (before they were even called “smart beta”), and continue to believe that investing through these rules-based factors provides better risk-adjusted returns than index funds at far lower cost than actively managed mutual funds. Β In GFM-managed client accounts, we continue to apply the well-researched factors, of […]