Performance of the GFM Hong Kong 30 vs the Hang Seng Index Tracker Fund

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In Hong Kong, we aim to outperform the Hang Seng index through a proprietary selection of stocks we believe are higher quality and/or better valued than the market-cap weighting of the 50 stocks of the index, and in most cases in Hong Kong we also try and avoid low-float companies. Β For the 12 months ending […]

China A-shares are too expensive to get excited about Hong Kong-Shenzhen Stock Connect, at least for now

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This is an excerpt of my article “Shenzhen Connect A Welcome Opening To A Different But Expensive Segment Of The China A-Share Market” published right before the Hong Kong – Shenzhen stock connect went live. … Overall Outlook on Major China Equity Markets and ETFs To put the Shenzhen market into perspective, it is worth […]

Background of China's Many Stock Markets: China A-shares vs H-shares vs B, N, etc.

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This is an excerpt of my article “How To Trade The China A-Share Premium Over H-Shares” explaining some of the background history and differences between China A-shares traded in Shanghai and Shenzhen and China H shares traded in Hong Kong. … Definitions A few definitions in case any of the terms in the previous paragraph […]