GFM is an approved money manager for accounts at Saxo Hong Kong.

Saxo accounts can now be opened paperlessly online:

We still need to send you a separate authorization form the trading permissions for GFM to act as your account’s money manager.

Saxo is a competitive high-tech brokerage platform to Interactive Brokers, with the notably faster and more modern trading platforms SaxoTraderGo, and SaxoTraderPro.

Clients generally choose Saxo over IBKR for one of two reasons:

  1. Preference to have their assets at a non-US firm, or
  2. Investment objectives focused more around bonds and likely to benefit from Saxo’s better bond trading platform, or
  3. For non-US trust accounts like HK ORSO or UK SIPP accounts

Here are links to Saxo’s trading cost and commission schedule, and I earlier posted a comparison of Interactive Brokers vs Saxo.

Saxo also has an office in the Landmark building in downtown Hong Kong, which many find convenient.