GFM’s Tariq Dennison presents SGX-sponsored webinar on Japan futures trading with Interactive Brokers

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Register for our free webinar presented by GFM’s Tariq Dennison and sponsored by Singapore Exchange on strategies for trading SGX-listed Japan futures on Interactive Brokers.  The webinar will be held at November 15th, 2017 at 4:30pm Hong Kong time (8:30am GMT / UTC, 3:30am New York time, 12:30am California time).  If you can’t make it […]

China International Bond Investor Forum 2017 Notes

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I attended the China International Bond Investor Forum on October 26th, 2017 in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, and despite its remote location, was suprised it was so lightly attended (maybe 50 total, with over half the seats empty) given the size and importance of the Chinese bond market.  The main takeaways include: The China bond […]

Tariq Dennison teaches 1-day repo workshop to professional bond traders in Manila, Philippines on October 24th, 2017

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On October 24th, 2017, GFM’s Tariq Dennison presented an intensive 1-day repo workshop to over 60 professional bond traders in Manila, Philippines, with the goal of developing an active and liquid repo market for local Philippine peso bonds. “Repo” is short for “sale and repurchase agreement”, and is the main way banks and funds finance […]

7 Listed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Markets Outside the US

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My latest article on SeekingAlpha compares the valuation of 8 major listed real estate investment trust (REIT) markets: the US, Japan, Eurozone (mostly France), Hong Kong, Singapore, and the ABC of Australia, Britain, and Canada.  For investors overly concentrated in the property market of any one country or city, I often recommend these REIT portfolios […]

August 23rd Seminar "Beyond London: Understanding the UK's Higher-Yielding Property Markets" in Central Hong Kong

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UK Property remains a popular asset class for Hong Kong based investors, but a weaker pound and continued demand to own a space in one of the world’s leading cities are driving London property prices to new highs and their rental yields to new lows. Fortunately, there are still many opportunities for higher returns outside […]

Book Event "The Singapore Blue Chips" in Hong Kong on Wednesday, August 2nd 2017

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My friend and colleague Umesh Desai, author of “The Singapore Blue Chips: The Rewards & Risks of Investing in Singapore’s Largest Corporations” will be presenting his book in Central, Hong Kong next Wednesday on August 2nd, 2017 at 4:30pm.  I have written a brief book review earlier describing it as an easy, modular read on […]

September 7th Discovery Bay Presentation on Retirement Planning

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I’ll be presenting at the Discovery Bay Entrepreneurs Networking Breakfast on September 7th at 8am on the topic of retirement planning.  I will be discussing two different profiles of a retirement saver: a pilot with a relatively steady income but hard retirement deadline, compared with an entrepreneur that has more freedom but less income certainty. […]

Protecting Your California Assets: Seminar with Visiting Estate Lawyer Vivian Yuan

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We are pleased to host California asset protection expert Vivian Yuan as a visiting speaker on July 12th at 6:30pm at our boardroom at Eaton House, Hong Kong. Vivian Yuan is based in Silicon Valley, California, where she runs a law firm providing estate planning, asset protection, tax planning, and business formation services in California, […]

Presenting Day 1-2 of 4-day CFA Singapore's Equity Investing Workshops on Top-Down, Quant Strategies and Techniques

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This week, Tariq Dennison is presenting the first two days of CFA Singapore’s Equity Investing Workshops, focusing on top-down, quantitative strategies and techniques. Anand Batepati will be presenting days 3 and 4, using case studies to practice deep dive fundamental analysis on special situations in global stock markets. Feel free to contact us through the […]

Investing in Hawaii Event on May 12th at Eaton House Hong Kong, with Tariq Dennison, Khai Tran and Chris Chang

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On May 12th at 6:30pm at our new office at FinTech hub Eaton House, we will be presenting a 3-part event on investing in Hawaii: Tariq Dennison CFPCM from GFM Asset Management will be starting with the outside view of Hawaii’s economy and business environment, with some examples of stocks and bonds with exposure to […]