Coronavirus map links

Coronavirus map

The Coronavirus now known as Covid-19 has dominated the news here in Asia for more than a month so far, and only this week seems to be taken more seriously by US and European financial markets. One site I have found myself checking frequently for updates on cases and contagion is this map by Johns Hopkins on Coronavirus cases and deaths around the world.

Update, on March 9th, my closest friend was kind enough to share this list of sources from MIT Technology Review, which includes some of the ones already in this page, plus a few more:

Channel News Asia also has this map, which doesn’t break down cases by the different mainland Chinese provinces, but is simpler to read for a high level view of cases and deaths by country.

Specific to Hong Kong, the government has made this arcGis-based HK coronavirus map showing far more local detail on cases here, and just as importantly, details on hospital waiting times and which border checkpoints are open or closed.

Singapore also has very detailed data reporting on covid-19 cases, with this map showing a traceback network when you click on each case.

Thank you to my Facebook friends who helped me put together these links, and hope you find it as useful as I do to have these links on one public and easy to access page. Please feel free to send me more links you think I should include and I can update this page accordingly.

Stay safe, and please remember to thoroughly wash your hands!