US Banking Services from Patelco – $50 Referral Code

Patelco $50 referral code US banking services

As an investment advisor focused on educational content, I rarely post direct offers on my website, but this week, I got a referral code for referring friends to open an account with Patelco credit union, for which we would each receive a US$50 referral credit.

I have had my Patelco account for over 20 years, and am impressed with how well they have continued to serve me even as I have moved outside the US. As I often hear of difficulties Americans have with opening and keeping US bank accounts when they are no longer living in the US, I found this offer especially worth sharing.

I will not post the referral code publicly, but please contact me if you’d like me to share mine with you.

Note that in order to be a member of Patelco Credit Union, you need to either be an alumnus of one of three California Universities (including my own UC Berkeley), or live in one of a long list of California counties, or be employed by a participating company. Here is the membership link: