SINDEX vs FTSE4Good vs S&P500

ESG Funds Have Historically Underperformed

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When discussing ESG, performance can and should matter almost as much as the environmental, social and governance factors measured. Unfortunately, many ESG funds have historically underperformed both their benchmarks and vice counterparts, and it is important to understand why in order to improve future performance. Traditionally, ethically-oriented investing has often taken a negative approach of […]

Highlights and photos from the China Alternatives Investment Summit 2018 in Beijing

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Had some problems uploading these from the conference, but here are some photos of last week’s event on ETFs and alternative investments, with my Keynote on AI and Robo-investing.

Roth IRA Conversion Calculator

Roth IRA Conversion Calculator

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Especially around year end, I often hear the question “Should I do a Roth IRA conversion? What are the long-term benefits of paying X amount to convert now?”. To help answer this question, below is a simple Roth IRA conversion calculator, where I am making the following assumptions: You have a certain amount in a […]

Saving now vs later

Saving now vs later: Calculating the difference

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In an earlier post, I posted a static chart with some calculations on the difference between saving now vs later, and how saving for 10 years from age 25 to 35 can leave you with more in retirement savings than waiting to save the save amount each year for 30 years from age 35 to […]

First in our calculator series is a simple retirement calculator

Simple retirement calculator

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As I have often mentioned publicly and in my book, I have long preferred a simple rule of thumb I call the “4 house pension” to many of the retirement calculators I have seen online.Β  That said, I have started brushing up on my JavaScript to write a few smartphone-friendly pages to do quick cost-benefit […]