Investment Suitability for the Elderly, Sat Nov 25 8:30 on RTHK Radio 3

Tariq Dennison and Peter Lewis on RTHK Money Talk Xtra

On tomorrow’s episode of “Money Talk Xtra” with Peter Lewis, Tariq Dennison will answer questions on how to evaluate the suitability of different investment products and strategies for elderly investors.

The show will air Saturday, November 25th at 8:30am on RTHK radio 3.

Retirees often focus on reducing risk, but sometimes to the point of not taking enough risk to generate the high returns needed to keep up with living expenses, and spending and succession goals.Β  By far the biggest suitability factor that needs to be addressed in Hong Kong is clarity and understanding of fees, the balance between risk and reward, and the importance of diversification.Β  Given how much Hong Kong loves investing in property, it is not surprising that reverse mortgages are increasing in popularity as a solution, and here again it is important for retirees to read the fine print, do the math, and be sure they are not giving too much away to the bank.

Hong Kong’s plan to launch a government-issued life annuity will be a very promising option for longevity risk, in exchange for understanding the high yield is compensation for the risk of dying before the amount in vested is received back.Β  Life annuities are like reverse life insurance policies, and the 7% “return” only applies to investors that live forever.

investment suitability for the elderly, by Tariq Dennison and Peter Lewis on RTHK Money Talk Xtra