Book Event "The Singapore Blue Chips" in Hong Kong on Wednesday, August 2nd 2017

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My friend and colleague Umesh Desai, author of “The Singapore Blue Chips: The Rewards & Risks of Investing in Singapore’s Largest Corporations” will be presenting his book in Central, Hong Kong next Wednesday on August 2nd, 2017 at 4:30pm.  I have written a brief book review earlier describing it as an easy, modular read on […]

Top Brands by Country – Map of the World's Most Valuable Brands by

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My latest article on SeekingAlpha lists out the ticker symbols of the 2017 list of the World’s most valuable brands. In it, I pull out four main themes from these top brands which can be attractive basket trades: Theme #1: BRICs banks Overall, three of the top brands on the above list with relatively […]

September 7th Discovery Bay Presentation on Retirement Planning

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I’ll be presenting at the Discovery Bay Entrepreneurs Networking Breakfast on September 7th at 8am on the topic of retirement planning.  I will be discussing two different profiles of a retirement saver: a pilot with a relatively steady income but hard retirement deadline, compared with an entrepreneur that has more freedom but less income certainty. […]

A Simple, Robust Retirement Savings and Investment Plan: The "4 House Pension"

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When asked how much money is needed for a comfortable retirement, the simplest useful but general answer I have been using is to “own four houses”. Taken literally, the “4 House Pension” can be implemented by actually owning four houses: one to live in, and the other three to generate rental income to pay for […]

Dividend Data for the top 200 Hong Kong Listed Companies (over HK$25bio)

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Although the Hong Kong Exchange has increasingly become dominated by Chinese companies over the past two decades, American software giant Microsoft remains the largest Hong Kong listed company as of mid-2017. For ease of reference, here is a list of links to the dividend data and WSJ financials data of 200+ of the largest Hong […]

Dividend Data for the 50 Components of the Hang Seng Index

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For ease of reference, here are links to the dividend data of the 50 components of the Hang Seng Index, based on their end of June weights in the TraHK Tracker Fund of Hong Kong (2800.HK): Ticker Name Hang Seng Weight 5.HK HSBC Holdings 10.6051 700.HK Tencent Holdings (P Chip) 10.3959 1299.HK AIA Group Ltd. […]

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Dividend Data on 7 Hong Kong Real Estate Investment Trusts (H-REITs)

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For reference only, here are links to dividend data for an updated list of the 8 largest Hong Kong listed real estate investment trusts (REITs): Ticker Name Sector Float % 823.HK Link Real Estate Investment Trust Retail 100.0% 2778.HK Champion Real Estate Investment Trust Industrial/Office 31.0% 778.HK Fortune Real Estate Investment Trust Retail 72.3% 405.HK […]