Unicorn comps: 60 Internet Stocks worth US$1 billion or more

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I consider myself a relatively boring, probability of cashflows investor not easily attracted to hyper-growth promises of many Internet company investments.  Nonetheless, I have slowly started to get more interested in established Internet companies as I see them developing moats and staying power that make them sustainable cash cows more than bets on speculative upside. […]

Asians spend 7.5x on education but 1/3x on housing vs Americans? From a 2015 Milken interview

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One of my favorite things to listen to in the background are interviews with influencers that occasionally say something to get me thinking about something I might not otherwise have thought of.  Today I happened to be listening to a 2015 interview of Michael Milken with ASU Professor Jeff Cunningham. Among other things, I was surprised […]