Blockchain Breakfast in Discovery Bay, September 6th

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I am pleased to be speaking at the Discovery Bay Entrepreneurs’ Networking Breakfast on September 6th with a 101 presentation on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  Details and registration here. Image credit: Maxpixel

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that promises to wrap traditional assets as Ethereum blockchain tokens.

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I am often asked what I think about “investing” in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ethereum, and more recently about initial coin offerings (ICOs).  Just as I say one does not “invest in a currency” (you can either speculate that a currency will rise or fall in value, or convert money into the currency to buy […]

ETFs and Blockchain are excellent technologies, but there are at least 6 reasons to reject #bitcoin ETFs

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My latest SeekingAlpha article lists 6 reasons regulators (and exchanges) should reject Bitcoin ETFs, ranging from the practical and technological to arguably moral and social reasons. I wrote back in 2014 about how 21st blockchain technology should wrap and replace 20th century mutual fund and ETF technology.  ICOs are a start towards this, but I […]

A few words on Digital Signatures

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To minimize costs and maximize security and efficiency for our customers, our regulators, and our staff, GFM handles almost all signed documents using paperless digital signatures.  As a platform, we have chosen Adobe Sign, which is similar to its more widely used competitor DocuSign.  In the future, we may see increasing use of open digital […]