Buffett and Munger’s 2007 Warning About Market Valuations

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Today’s video is from the 2007 Berkshire meeting, where Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett discuss the rise of corporate profits as a percentage of GDP’s rise from around 4% to over 8% as a reason “not to swing for the fences” at valuations then. Part of the rise in this ratio up to 2007 was […]

Buffett on Kraft-Heinz

Buffett’s $2.7 billion loss on Kraft-Heinz

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Anand and I are long time fans and students of Warren Buffett. The recent news that the legendary investor’s firm Berkshire Hathaway lost $2.7 billion last month on their stake in Kraft-Heinz did not reduce my respect and admiration of his wisdom by even one bit, but of course drove me to ask how I […]