Our privacy policy is simple:

  • We never sell your data.
  • We only share your data with legally authorized parties you have agreed to work with and have us share data with in order to serve you, and whose privacy policies are also acceptable to us.Β  Examples include but are not limited to:
    • The brokerage firm or bank where you hold the investment account we manage
    • The trustee to your pension plan that we manage
    • Your tax accountant, if you authorize us to send your 1099 or other tax forms directly
    • Your lawyer or agent with appointed power of attorney
    • The government, as required by law
  • Anonymized account performance data may be used in our marketing.
  • If you contact us through this website, in person, or in other ways, we may retain your contact info and contact you back.
  • We respect your time, attention and space, and can delete your data, on request, as permitted by law.