While the major developed markets are often abbreviated as the “G7“, and a few major emerging markets known as the “BRICs”, I prefer to bridge the two with my own acronym “JUICE”, which stands for:

  • Japan
  • United States
  • India
  • China, and
  • Europe, the European Union (EU), or sometimes just the Eurozone

By purchasing power parity, these five economies cover about 60% of global GDP, and provide a good, handy set of major currencies and statistical data sources to follow for a top-down view.Β  Visual capitalist also posts a few good charts on how most of the major stock exchanges holding most of the world’s stock market cap is also traded on exchanges in these markets.

While the US, Europe, and Japan have sometimes been known as the G3 of developed markets, China and India each have over a billion people, and in physical terms, already produce and consume within the top 5 of global economies.