Trusts are a powerful tool for retirement and succession planning, and in many cases can provide better control, privacy, and sometimes even asset protection and tax advantages over a simple will.  One main reason individuals and families set up trusts is to avoid probate.

GFM does not set up or advise on trust structure, but one of our specialties is helping ensure trust assets are invested to best meet their objectives, whether steady income, long-term growth, or international diversification.  Here are some links to additional resources for setting up trusts:

  • Hong Kong also has several trust companies serving both domestic and international trusts, including pensions, which we recommend on request.
  • For US trusts, we have recommended the services of the Yuan Law Firm in California.
  • Alaska has been promoting itself as a trust destination, and has a probate FAQ and trust glossary on its site.
  • There is also a handy list with explanations of the different kinds of US trusts on the website of the Alaska Trust Company

The above links are for reference only, but we are happy to answer any questions you may have on trusts or estate planning where we might be able to direct you to the right answer or service provider