Our core business is managing individual pension and retirement investment accounts on a fee-only basis.  GFM-managed investment portfolios contain stocks in the world’s most profitable companies, balanced with bonds to aim to double the amount invested every 7-10 years, or generate 3-5% per year in retirement income.  Our direct approach provides greater transparency and flexibility than mutual funds.  We offer a free, objective second opinion on any mutual fund or mutual fund portfolio you would like to send us or ask us about.  GFM also offers comprehensive financial planning and investment advice, especially for expats living in Asia or foreigners investing in Asia.

See our FAQ and how to open an account.

Compared with many other investment providers and advisors, we differ primarily in:

  • Fee-only: We charge a simple, transparent fee on money managed.  GFM accepts no commissions, no kickbacks, no hidden fees.
  • Flexibility: Clients have the flexibility to withdraw or add funds at any time with no penalty and no lock-ups, a substantial advantage over many hedge funds and savings plans.
  • Global experience: Our founding partners each have over 18 years’ experience in global stock, bond, currency, futures and options markets, and take direct responsibility investing client investment accounts.
  • US retirement accounts: We open and manage accounts for US citizens and green card holders including expat IRA and 401(k) rollover accounts, which many overseas firms will not.

Accounts less than US$5,000,000 are generally opened at Interactive Brokers, due to their low costs, broad market access, and efficient technology which allows us to manage accounts so cost-effectively. You can read more about their fees and minimums on their website.

GFM accounts are generally charged a fixed management fee at a rate of 1.5% of the account value per year, with a lower fee rate available to larger accounts.  Qualified accounts may instead opt to pay a performance fee of 20% – 30% of profits above a high water mark in lieu of part or all of the management fee, depending on account details.