Minimums to open a GFM-managed investment account is one of our most frequently asked questions, and depends on two things: A.) the bank, brokerage firm, or custodian where the investment account is held, and B.) on the level of service required.

Interactive Brokers, where over 90% of our accounts are held, only requires US$5,000 / HK$50,000 to open an advisor-managed account.  While we have accepted a few low-minimum accounts starting at this level, these are generally accounts where clients set up an auto-pay to contribute US$2,000 / HK$15,000 per month to build the account to the next level.  Accounts below US$250,000 / HK$2,000,000 are invested according to our standard investment model based on a conservative, moderate, or aggressive risk profile and get the least amount of personal attention and customization.

Most of our time and service is devoted to serving accounts above US$250,000 / HK$2,000,000.  Most private banks offer comparable levels of service only for much larger accounts (>US$3,000,000).

Accounts above US$5,000,000 / HK$40,000,000 are eligible for our lowest institutional fee schedules and fully customized mandates.