Investing In China and India After COVID-19: Upcoming Webinars

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Two of my upcoming webinars with SGX and Interactive Brokers cover outlooks on investing into China and India after the coronavirus outbreak: Register here for the May 20th (6pm HK time, 11am London time, 6am NY time) webinar on China’s markets after COVID-19. Learn about Singapore-listed ETFs on June 9th (6pm HK time) webinar. Here […]

Witnessing Your Will Over Video Conference

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One bittersweet effect of the coronavirus outbreak is a surge of interest in writing or updating wills. I say “bittersweet”, since any rush to write and execute your will sounds very morbid, but if anything motivates the large number of people without a will or with an outdated will to write one, it’s better to […]

What 150 Years Of Market Crashes Teaches Long-term Investors

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One of the most frequently asked questions I have heard mostly over the past month is “how long will markets take to recover”? The short and honest answer is of course “nobody knows”, and a recovery in stock prices is not the same (or as important as) sustained growth in underlying cash flows, so work […]

Hong Kong listed ETFs

Updated List of HKEX-Listed Stocks With Dividend And Ratio Links

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Some of the most boring, but most useful posts on this website are simple, static lists of stocks with ready-to-click links to more information on them. Today, I wanted to run an updated list of HKEX-listed stocks with links to their dividend histories on AAStocks, and to some fundamental ratios on their Reuters pages. The […]

Echoes From Peter Lynch’s 2002 Interview with Louis Rukeyser

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Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street Week was one of my favorite “reflective” shows on understanding stocks and stock markets. This is one recorded interview I found well worth re-watching, and share here without further comment. For anyone who wondered how Peter Lynch’s call of stocks outperforming 4.7% bonds over the following 10 years, here is a […]

Comparing Market Crashes

Comparing Market Crashes: 2020 vs 1929, 1987, 2000 and 2008

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The older I get, the more value I find in seeing every day events from a very long term historical perspective. Especially when it comes to comparing market crashes, the rapid declines in stock prices in March 2020 were not quite “unprecedented”, and of course stockholders’ eventual outcomes depend on how well economies and corporate […]