How Hedge Funds Performed

How Hedge Funds Performed in the 2010s

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While putting together reviews of the past decade, I have looked at how emerging markets have performed vs developed markets, how bonds performed versus small and value stocks, and the Dow vs the Nasdaq. Here, I also want to look at how hedge funds performed over the past decade. First, let’s look at a traditional […]

A Lost Decade For Emerging Markets (and Small Caps, and …?)

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I recently discovered that SeekingAlpha has made it even easier to embed charts into articles and blog posts thanks to an integration with YCharts. I have found YCharts to be fast and powerful for visualizing fundamental data and longer-term total returns that I used to think required a far more expensive Bloomberg terminal, or custom […]

2019: The Year Private Investing Started Losing Its Shine

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One trend I have disliked this decade is the relative increase in private equity and investors chasing them. As I describe in chapter 6 of my book, investing in private equity is similar to investing in public equity, other than lack of transparency, insider trading protections, larger ticket sizes, lower liquidity and a few other […]