From Impossible to Mandatory in 30 Years: China’s Stock Market in 2019 and Beyond

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I can think of only a few things that have gone from being impossible to becoming mandatory over a period of 30 years, but I would expect the world’s second largest economy to do such things, as it has done with the world’s second largest stock market. Just 30 years ago, Mainland China had no […]

ten investment advisors

If you go to ten investment advisors and they tell you the same asset, you better stay away from it!

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One way I keep my education on market history fresh is by finding and watching decades-old videos of interviews with investing legends. In this one, Louis Rukeyser interviews Peter Lynch and Sir John Templeton. 4:40 into the interview, Templeton says one of the most quotable truths about the difference between investment advisors vs doctors and […]

US Index Funds adding shares to loss-making Uber and Lyft

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While there is a lot of merit to simply investing in a broadly diversified portfolio of low cost index funds, market cap weighted index funds have some features (or flaws, depending how you see it) that drive me to alternatives. One key example is this recent WSJ story highlighting how US index funds are about […]

Zuckerberg Russia Facebook is Not a Democracy

Facebook is not a democracy. Does that matter to shareholders?

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68% of shareholders want to replace Mark Zuckerberg as chairman of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB), but Mark Zuckerberg still holds the majority of voting shares (source: Facebook March 2019 Quarterly Report, page 54). As much talk as there is about Facebook’s role IN democracy, this is a reminder that the corporate structure of Facebook IS […]