Singapore then and now, 1980s photos from Mothership

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An article on Mothership showing photos of how Singapore has changed in the past 30 years:

REIT List, Asia Pacific, 2019

2019 REIT List – Asia-Pacific

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Updating my series of handy reference lists is this REIT List covering four major markets in the Asia-Pacific Region. Following my earlier posted lists of S-REITs, H-REITs, J-REITs, and A-REITs, that is, real estate investment trusts listed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia, the below lists are meant to be a handy reference in […]

US ETF Watchlist

US ETF Watchlist 2019Q1

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Here is an updated watchlist of US ETFs I post mostly for my own quick reference, with links to Bing search, Fidelity, Morningstar, and SeekingAlpha information each one click away. All-world Global Benchmark ETFs ACWF (Morningstar, Fidelity, SeekingAlpha) VT (Morningstar, Fidelity, SeekingAlpha) ACWI (Morningstar, Fidelity, SeekingAlpha) ACIM (Morningstar, Fidelity, SeekingAlpha) Bond and REIT ETFs BND […]

Tax Home: Domicile vs Residence

Tax domicile issues for US state taxes by @MichaelKitces

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A recent article on @MichaelKitces‘s blog “Nerd’s Eye View” describes the important difference between tax residence and tax domicile. In this case, the article refers to tax domicile issues with regard to US state income taxes, which differs from the citizenship-based “tax net” covering US persons regardless of state domicile. Domicile-based taxation is also seen […]

IB Chatbot and Alexa app

IB Chatbot and Alexa app

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This week I’ve started testing Interactive Brokers‘s developing chatbot and Alexa app. The IB chatbot, or “IBbot” for short”, is available on Facebook messenger as well as Alexa and within the IB portal. I’ve so far had several hiccups trying to get stock quotes and fundamental data from the chats, but keen to keep trying […]

DCF Calculator

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When valuing a stock, I have to be careful to avoid falling for value traps that seem cheap just because they are trading at low multiples to earnings, cash flows, or book value. That said, at any price, a stock implies a certain level of future cash flows above which an investor will make money, […]

Are stocks cheap yet?

Are stocks cheap yet?

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Stock markets ended 2018 with what some call a sharp correction, and others call a minor crash. Last month, the S&P 500 declined by around 10%, catching up with losses earlier in the year by many foreign markets. 10 months like that in a row would render US stocks worthless by the end of 2019, […]

2019 Country valuation dashboard

2019 Country Valuation Dashboard

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2019 is a good year to start off with a country valuation dashboard, given how most of 2018 was a story of US stocks outperforming most other countries’ stock markets, at least until December.  Despite last month’s correction, US stocks remain relatively expensive compared to most other countries’ markets, with the US S&P 500 still […]

How to make money in stocks

How to make money in stocks: The only two basic ways

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The main reason to buy a stock is to get significantly more money out of it than you put into it.  By “significantly more”, the profit you make from a stock should not only be more than interest you would have earned putting the same money into a bank deposit or bond, but also compensate […]

financial new year's resolutions

Top 3 Financial New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

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I find new year’s resolutions a great place to regularly set and review “SMART goals“. I am fortunate to live in Hong Kong, where the January weeks between the western new year and Chinese lunar new year provide a relatively quiet and cleaning-oriented time to both review the resolutions I completed (or not) the previous […]