Presenting Day 1-2 of 4-day CFA Singapore's Equity Investing Workshops on Top-Down, Quant Strategies and Techniques

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This week, Tariq Dennison is presenting the first two days of CFA Singapore’s Equity Investing Workshops, focusing on top-down, quantitative strategies and techniques. Anand Batepati will be presenting days 3 and 4, using case studies to practice deep dive fundamental analysis on special situations in global stock markets. Feel free to contact us through the […]

How Population Pyramids Drive Interest Rates, and How Robot Demographics Might Change That

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On several occasions, I’ve discussed the somewhat intuitive relationship between population pyramids and interest rates / yield curves.  One one end, bottom-heavy, triangular population pyramids would tend to drive higher interest rates, as the abundance of young people pushes overall economic growth and demand for credit, as we have seen in countries like India and […]