Top Schools, Top Universities: May 10 Joint Event with HK's Top Educational Consultant Ruth Benny

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Hong Kong schools are competitive and costly, and planning and saving for university for your child can seem just as daunting.  This joint presentation by Top Schools’ Ruth Benny and GFM Asset Management’s Tariq Dennison CFP covers the big investments parents make in education, from choosing the best schools in Hong Kong to planning and […]

College tuition rises now depend more on China than domestic drivers

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For decades, college tuition has risen at a significantly faster pace than the rate of inflation, having roughly tripled in the last 40 years in real terms (that is, even after adjusting for inflation) (Sources: The College Board and NCES).  This post discusses what I believe have been the main drivers of the seemingly rapid rise […]

Noodles represent long life, but what are your odds of living to age 100?

Mortality Tables By Country – Your Odds of Living to Age 100

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As a financial planner, I was trained to assume a client will live to age 100 in order to be at least 95% confident that the client would not outlive their savings.  By what are your odds of living to age 100?  According to the US Social Security Administration (first link below), a male born […]