The Histomap – 4,000 years of World History courtesy of the David Rumsey Map Collection

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The full resolution download make it well worth the visit and registration at the David Rumsey Map Collection:

CNY/INR breaks 10, then 11 in the one month of Aug 2013 alone

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Not surprisingly, when in Hong Kong I hear a lot about USD/CNY and HKD/CNY, and when in India I hear most interest in USD/INR, but for some reason I hear very little about the exchange rate between these two most populous countries. I just happened to be in India for the second half of the […]

Structured Finance for Fifth Graders

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I have long advocated that financial and economic education should begin earlier and occupy a greater share of most children’s education than it does in most places today. The show “Are you smarter than a 5th grader” has gained popularity by reminding many of us how much we may have forgotten from our school days […]

Picture showing a 400% price increase over 20 years

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Price increases of India’s Malayalam Manorama yearbook from Rs. 40 in 1993 to ₹200 in 2013, though now with color photos and a CD-ROM encyclopaedia!

Signature Indian “Scotch” whiskey

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Tweet: For a nation that loves its Johnny Walker, a good enough daily domestic Made in: India Alcohol: 42.8% Cost: ₹????/L Primary tastes: Alcohol, wood  

My two annas on the Rupee in 2013-2014

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Disclaimer: Although I am very interested in currencies, FX is the asset class in which I have the thinnest track record in making any directional predictions, commentary, and trading strategy. Comments below are meant for discussion only, are made without referrence to a Bloomberg terminal or other easy data provider, and should not be relied […]

A (nearly) cashless future?

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Many recent visitors from the west to Asia, even to Japan, might take a while to get used to the wide-spread “cash only” habits in most transactions.  Hong Kong and Singapore are probably the two most card-friendly shopping spots in Asia, and even though I still mostly use cash in Hong Kong, my motivation is […]

Sex and Literacy in India

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Another quick chart showing that not only does correlation not always imply cause, but often even that third factor that built the relationship can be hard to figure out. Using just the numbers of the 15 most populous states of India on the wikipedia page, the below chart tries to plot a relationship between a […]